Since 2003, CSPOWER start the research and produce sealed free maintenance AGM and GEL storage batteries. Our batteries are always in the process of innovation according to market and environment: AGM battery→GEL battery→High Temperature Long Life Deep Cycle GEL battery. Cspower with 17 Years Rich experience in battery manufacturing; Become a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries in China.

Obtained many large-scale projects in the industrial, renewable energy and special power markets to provide high-quality and most innovative batteries.
The world's top companies, no matter how harsh the environment, how demanding equipment requirements. You can rely on Cspower batteries to beat the competition.

2016 We have got battery orders for Indonesia government project!
OPzV Series tubular GEL Battery, Floating lifes 20-25 Years, 50%DOD, 3300Cycles
OPzV2V-1000AH 1200 pcs, first order 976pcs first. A total of 2176 pcs, 7 Contaniers.
Their purchasing manager came to our factory to visit us. And they highly appreciate Cspower Battery.

Since 2017, Cspower Battery has been supplying solar-powered street lights for rural areas in Dubai, UAE.
Renewable energy is everywhere in our lives. Durable and sustainable Cspower deep-cycle batteries can be used as any solar/photovoltaic even in the harshest environment. , The perfect complement for small wind power and micro hydropower applications. Cspower battery-reliable uninterruptible power supply.

2018 A family company with a long history and high quality from Australia chose to cooperate with Cspower Battery to jointly develop the Australian Storage battery market.
The Cspower battery factory provided the company with a full range of advanced deep-cycle gel batteries.
Since August 2017, the company has purchased 6 containers from us, mainly HTL 6V 8V for golf carts/EVs, and a small amount of HTL 12V high temperature deep cycle gel batteries for solar energy, 50% DOD reaching 1500cycle Times. Floating life 15-20 years
They sell very well, and come to our company to negotiate face-to-face long-term development plans with us. We sign a long-term business contract.

2018 Cspower battery has obtained the new telecom base station project established by Nigerian communication operators.
We provide efficient, stable and reliable backup power supply and provide power guarantee for 45% of the company's base stations.
FL series VRLA Telecom GEL Battery, Floating life 12-15 Years, widely used as a backup power source for various communication and signal systems such as telecommunications, China Mobile, China Unicom, railways, ships, etc., professional telecommunications batteries.

2019 An eco-tourism resort in northwestern Brazil, and with the Cspower battery engineer team worked together to design an off-grid photovoltaic system for the resort.
This solar-based renewable energy solution consists of a 85-kilowatt battery photovoltaic system, which produces enough electricity to meet 100% of the electricity demand of the resort. The electrical energy produced by thin-film photovoltaic modules is stored in 500pcs Cspower deep-cycle industrial batteries.

We have many similar projects in South America, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia etc..